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New Banner!

Just for my online mum, our own dear dragonfly_sg1, I've made a banner for my little 2012 race adventure.

What? My race, my fandoms.* Right? Of course that's right! :)

*Okay, so I know I play in Castle and Sanctuary and Dr. Horrible and most especially Being Human, too, but let's face it. They don't lend themselves to nice logos, and these five are my true loves. To steal from myself: Stargate, you are my heart. Star Trek, you are my blood. Star Wars, you are the bones of my flesh. X-Files, you are my viscera, as suits you...but Firefly, oh, Firefly, you are my soul.

Fandom 5K, 2012 Style

So, I don't do New Year's Resolutions. Never have, never will. But I do occasionally jump on bandwagons. I am such a Border Collie is this regard. I obsess and often excel at things when I fixate on them, but I rapidly grow bored and leave them behind when the next shiny comes along. Such was the case with my Fandom 5K efforts last year. I trained up to my goal, then accomplished my goal, then confidently jumped off the bandwagon in search of my next distraction. Life managed that for me through most of the year, but alas, when a new shiny jumped up a few weeks ago, I was intrigued. I still hesitated for a bit, but no longer. I've climbed back on the running bandwagon.

But this isn't any old bandwagon. No, this is Warrior Dash, and I'm all in.

I think I have a goal time in mind, but I need to think on things a bit before I make that public, and I'm not registered just yet because I have some logistics to work out with work, but I'm doing this one, folks. Oh, yeah. This is my kind of race.

Oh, and yes, I will be raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital along the way. More on that later.

running outside

I used to run mainly on an indoor track at the gym, but since I bought my gps watch, I've been doing most of my running outside. Who else runs outside regularly? My main issues are: sun exposure, lack of water.

gps watch

I bought a Garmin Forerunner 305 from someone at work and so far I've found it very helpful. It's nice to be able to run arbitrary courses and still have an accurate distance. I can't testify regarding the included software, but I do have it working under Linux with pytrainer and garmintools.

The new toy effect seems to be working in my favor. I ran about 12 miles last week and about 10 this week (would have been more but for some schedule complications), all conveniently logged with correlated heartrate data.

Update/Charity Stuff

I run my 5K for Fandom 5K tomorrow. I don't know if I'll make my goal time or not, though I've hit it in practice. Frankly, I'm pretty okay no matter what happens. I've gotten in better shape over the past few months than I have been in quite some time, so I feel like I've done well with the first goal of Fandom 5K. However, in training and, well, living life and all that, I've somehow managed to quite forget about the second goal, which was to help raise money for charity. Now, I was under the impression that the 5K I'm running was a charity race where people could pledge to support me with a charity donation, but I was wrong. While my race does, in fact, benefit breast cancer research and treatment here in Maine, it does so only through the entry fees of the runners. It is not designed to be a pledge drive type of race.

So I'm doing something different on my own, and I'm picking a different charity.

Why? Because it's Mother's Day here in the States and every single fun run and other event in the country is donating to breast cancer stuff this weekend, and because frankly that particular cause is very often supported in general. That's a great thing, but I've thought long and hard about which cause to support, and finally, I've decided to support Shriner's Hospital for Children. My reason for this is mostly personal, but there is another method to my madness, as well.

You see, today is taj_mahal07  's birthday, and I want to do something special for her. As far as I know, dear Taj hasn't needed anything like what Shriner's provides in her lifetime, but I have a sneaking suspicion she might smile if a child smiled because of her.

So I start the donations off with one of my own.

Happy birthday, Taj. This one's all in honor of you and the smiles you bring to my life.

If you'd like to join me in honoring a friend, relative, special event, or anything else over the next week, make a donation of whatever you can to whatever charity you'd like (I'd suggest Shriner's, Red Cross Aid for the Gulf Coast, which seems to have been forgotten even faster than most natural disaster areas, or Heifer International, but that's just me) and leave me a comment. I trust you. I'm not going to ask for receipts. *grin*

Originally, the idea of the Fandom 5K was that us participants would offer fan works (fanfiction made to order in my case) in exchange for donations or as prizes for the largest donation, etc. I've decided that I don't want to do that after all. I was all for it at first, as my muse needed a kick in the pants, but frankly I'm just not okay with putting her up for sale. She's too special for that and a finicky little wench to boot, so I'm not sure she'll cooperate (A) and (B) my life is insane right now to the point that I just can't promise anything. Also, I'm just not interested in pitting my friends against one another or making anyone feel pressured to donate anything.

So, forgive me, but I'm out for that part.

That said, you can rest assured that anyone who donates will find some little surprise upon their virtual (or perhaps literal) doorstep one day. I won't say when, and I won't say what, but I'm sure something will come along. My muse is awfully good at things like that. Feel free to leave me ideas. I don't mind that at all. Sometimes, they strike like rattlesnakes and burn like fire until I write stories for them. You never know. *evil grin* Thanks to anyone who plays along, and I'll see you after I cross the finish line tomorrow!

Yay and Owie.

I knocked 46 seconds off my mile today. I hope I can maintain or/and continue to lessen it.

However, for at least 2 weeks the hamstring on my left leg has been feeling strained. No matter how much I stretch.

Today after I ran, I immediately felt extra tightness in my left calf. I warmed down longer and added stretches, but as the day progresses I can feel it constantly trying to really stiffen up every time I stop moving.

Should I do anything other than stretches to help it?


I suck out loud.

I won't be able to run the race on May 8th. I'm just not ready. I could easily walk it though. But my goal is to run, RUN!

So, I'll be signing up for another race later in the summer.

The good news is that I continue to knock time off my mile. Woot!

Is anyone taking donations for their runs yet?

Training log: A little delay.

Well, I was going to at least walk a 5K sometime in February or March, but the last weekend in January, I fell and "bumped" my knee. Bump turned out to be a hairline fracture of the tibial plateau and a nice little meniscus tear on top. I'm just about walking again, in a scary brace, but I've lost most of the muscle around my hip and down the back of my leg, so I can't walk any distance without getting tired out.

Still, I made it through the day at work without needing the cane. I still want to walk 5K, and I think I can get there within a month or so.

An 8k and stuff

A week ago I ran in the St. Patty's Run Green 8K in Raleigh. I finished in 55:28, for pace of 11:09. This is about the same as my Krispy Kreme Challenge time, so I guess eating the donuts is about like adding half a mile. I had hoped to achieve a faster pace in the race, but I was a little under the weather and the hills were killing me.

The race was fun, not as big as the KKC, but still nearly 1800 people. The best part, though, was the free beer at the end. I was coming off a mild runner's high from the last half mile, so that was even better.


I try to run three or four times a week. Since I want to be faster, I've borrowed some ideas from various training plans on the net. Once a week I run intervals at the track, and it seems to be helping. Today I ran two miles and was able to maintain a faster pace. The two mile time was 18:30, but that included a warm up -- the post warm-up mile was 8:51, which is I think a personal best.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

(x-posted from my journal)
On Saturday, I ran in the Krispy Kreme Challenge for the first time. This was my very first race event.

The K2C is an approximately 4.5 mile race in Raleigh. The catch is you're supposed to eat a dozen glazed donuts in the middle.

Read more...Collapse )

ETA: They recovered my official finish time. I was 6 seconds earlier than I thought. 54:54. Top fifth!


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